a response to Frank Chimero's, The Web's Grain

things i found interesting:

web design as defined by Chimero:

“An edgeless surface of unknown proportions comprised of small, individual, and variable elements from multiple vantages assembled into a readable whole that documents a moment”

“Edgelessness is in the web’s structure: it’s comprised of individual pages linked together, so its structure can branch out forever.” -i find irony in that, like the web’s own structure, pages themselves are equally infinite in a physical sense

“…we take for granted that a screen can show more content than is able to be displayed in a single shot”

-the world is so obsessed with utility, efficiency and perfection that we often miss out on the other side of what makes things beautiful, like the accidents that happen along the way

-oddly enough, i can see why we do it as i am subconsciously a contributor to this ideal. in a one on one with Aidan i asked:

“How do you deal with the lack of a visible grid while coding? Is all this really just chocked up to trial and error?”

and to help manage this (as massive as you make it) void he gave me 3 tips, all of which should have been a given, but alas:

-practice flexbox as much as possible
-use background colors to see how things will take up space
-consider working with a sketch first