a response to Taeyoon Choi's, Hello World!

things i found interesting:

-the first computers were human

“In fact, we get the term “computer” from the forgotten practice of human computation. Well before computers became “personal,” an entire profession of arithmetic labor (mostly women) were contracted for scientific and military production”

“Perhaps some qualities of cities are uncomputable, like the unpredictability of the environment or the ungraspable nature of the human mind.”

-certain qualities of cities have to be uncomputable, otherwise if you know what was going to happen at a specific time in a specific place at all times, it’d be considered a utopia or maybe a simulation

-if all aspects were computable, there’d be an excessive amount of order in which the individuals within the city have no free will; is there a puppetmaster? is it God?

“If we can wire electronics to make our computer can we wire the urban space to make our own city?”

yes? cities have their own circuitry that revolves around their infrastructure, such as transportation, power supplies, etc.